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There are times in life when we feel that situation is beyond our control or we are not obtaining what we desire.
Do not loose confidence, our vastu consultancy services based on affordable vastu techniques will give your answer for hope.
Followers of vastu not only get worldly pleasure but also experience heavenly bliss.

If you are facing any unknowing problems mentioned below, which are normally not expected, then you should suspect vastu.

  1. If due to sickness of the building u r often facing ill-health.
  2. If missing love & harmony between you and your wife for longer period.
  3. If your kids are not respecting elders.
  4. If childrens are showing less interest in educational sector.
  5. If unfaithful servants are troubling.
  6. If u r suffering with restless & sleepless nights.
  7. If your savings are slowly vanishing.
  8. If you are not having the peace and prosperity in the house.
  9. If in your shop your sales is not increasing.
  10. If in your industry, machines are not running properly or always some unavoidable circumstances comes to obstruct your work.
  11. Anyone in your family seems hyper , cranky or moody for no apparent reason.
  12. Do you feel energy drained from within yourself.
  13. Is there any room where you feel fear & scary.
  14. Feeling depression or suffering job dissatisfaction.
  15. Dis-respect from employees or lack of recognition from employer.
  16. Missing good clients / loss in-spite of all efforts.
  17. Fear of mis-carriages / abortion during pregnancy.
  18. Are retirements worries keeping you awaken at nights.


Further more if you have any particular problems

  1. Business & Career (New beginnings).
  2. Marriage Relationship.
  3. Family Dis-harmony.
  4. Wealth & Finance.
  5. Health & Stability.
  6. Helpful People (friends / relatives / business partners).
  7. Growth In Children’s Studies & Creativity.
  8. Knowledge / Spiritualism / Motivation.
  9. Name / Fame / Recognition.

If for any reasons the answers are true. Then it is time to undergo the vastu survey to cure the surroundings vastu energy of your vastu space & to make it the better place to live in anytime everytime. Let us help resolve all the vastu issues. We could be  your best guide in the world of vastu.




Our Vastu Services 

  1. Vastu advice for the selection of the plot.
  2. Vastu advice for the construction details.
  3. Vastu advice for the renovation of the buildings.
  4. Residential Vastu.
  5. Commercial Vastu.
  6. Industrial Vastu.
  7. Spiritual Vastu.
  8. Interior designing by Vastu Shastra.
  9. Vastu remedies based on pyramids & crystals.
  10. Vastu for multistorey buildings.
  11. Online Vastu.
  12. Vastu services through plan of the area.
  13. Vastu services through personal supervision.


Benefits of Vastu 

  1. Financial improvements
  2. Improved health
  3. Improved relationships
  4. Enhanced career opportunities
  5. Quality sleep
  6. Higher energy levels
  7. Fertility
  8. Thriving children
  9. Peaceful, meaningful, good communication
  10. Personal growth and positive transformation




Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

"Myself sanjay doshi known to mr. mukesh premji maru from vastu consultancy thru one of our familiar interior designer while planning to construct our home & office space based on the ancient vastu treatise. I would say that i m blessed to have met mr. mukesh premji maru. He is a down to earth humble person whose main focus is on clients vastu needs. He provides very practical & authentic , yet effective solutions based on crystals & pyramids to address the problems faced. He spends quality time during his vastu consultation . His vastu consultation charges are very, very affordable & i do personally feel that he deserves more. I have benefited a lot since i met him. Rather, I would say that my life has changed & i m more happier & satisfied now. Thanks to mr. mukesh premji maru, vastu consultancy, mumbai."

Mr. Sanjay Doshi

Adinath Print Service, Mumbai

Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

"First of all thank u for being there, Always a listening ear. Thank u . You boost our confidence . We r blessed to have you as a guide & a strong support. Thank you so much for your continued guidance."

Mrs. Reshma & Mr. Sameet More

Cognizant , Mumbai.

Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

"Thanking u, for your pyramid therapy. There r changes in our life & new avenues to take life to better heights!! I have given your contact to our family friends who will call u soon. I told about your positive results. Thanking u once again 4 d positive results & peace at home. Regards ."

Mrs. Madhu & Mr. Kirit Maniar

SPARSH alternative healing, Mumbai.

Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

"Thank u so much mukeshji . We feel blessed with u around . We want to share the 1st joyous occasion with u. My husband purab has received 20% hike in salary. Myself preeti got my job promotional letter. We have been blessed with a baby boy. I bow with all my heart to thank & seek blessings from the energies that have made u the medium to guide me & bless me & my family throughout this life. U r very much our medium of how to live a balanced & positive life. Thank u for touching our lives. "

Mrs. Preeti & Mr. Purab Vora

Vicenta Jewels / Divine Tarot , Mumbai

Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

"Hello, just to say that whatever things rather thoughts u gave me when we meet , meaning & understanding behind them r getting clear in process . wants to thank u. WE ARE VERY THANKFUL TO U FOR ALL UR VASTU ADVICES. WE SURELY NEED TO BE IN CONTACT WITH U FOR MORE VALUABLE GUIDANCE ."

Mrs. Kanchan & Mr. Mangesh Desai

Shree Mangireesh Printing Press, Mumbai.

Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

"Sir , Renovation work completed. I have started my work in new office cabin . Thanks for your valuable guidance .The vastu results are very positive and good . "

Mr. Sanjay Dhikle

SLR , Mumbai Sub. District.

Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

"My sister at germany getting amazing result bcoz of pyramids. Thanx a lot . Very soon m also going to buy pyramids."

Mr. Vaibhav Pawar

Tarot Professional , Mumbai.

Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

"Hi mukeshji i think god appoints one person as a massiah for everyone who dreams big and we have heavenly feelings that u would be the one for us. Thanks for all vastu help u gave to me & my family. U r great human being. Thanks for teaching us so many wonderful things. We could never ever forget u . World need a person like u. Thank you Sir, thankyou for helping us always, U have changed our life and brought that confidence in us back. Many Thanks for ur help n support!! As always! Take care mukeshji"

Mr. Nilesh Sawant & family

Citrus Company, Mumbai

Our Vastu Clients Voice & Views

"Anything about my future u can forecast. U r suggestions have proven fruitful to me. "

Mr. Arif Wani , Kashmir

GK Communications Pvt Ltd, Kashmir.

Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

"Thanks. Your word always give me strength & motivation. "

Mr. Subhash Rathi

Omkar Realtors & Developers Pvt Ltd , Mumbai.

Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

"Thanks a lot for the crystal pyramids, It seems 2 b lucky 4 me from the very first day, Just wanted to let u know that your prediction about my marriage was correct. I shouldn’t have opted for this family. I should have followed your advice, but anyways that destiny,thanks for being my well wisher."

Mr. Paritosh Gupta

Tata Motors, Egypt

Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

“Mukesh Maru is very well known Vastu Consultant. His Vastu related advice and tips have always benefited me.”

Mr. Janak B Thakar

Zenith Surgical Co , Mumbai.

Our Vastu Clients Voices & Views

"Namaste Mukeshji. My hubby valsan is always impressed meeting you. Thanks for the support as a friend u stood & still stand besides us always. It is difficult to find a unique person like u in this modern age who could be a blessings to millions on this planet earth."

Mrs. Geetha & Mr. Valsan Mani

Alistra tours & travels , Mumbai.

Our vastu requirement & procedure of working 

We require the following details from you.

  1. Deposited advance payment receipt via email , whatsapp , sms.
  2. Birthdate & recent photo of all family members going to stay.
  3. If you are planning to buy or rent  a pre-constructed house, you could email the drawing and design, But if you are constructing a new house, we could  provide vastu assistance in selecting the plot, to get the desired results. After selecting the plot, depending on your requirements we could suggest interior, as well as outer elevation, according to the vastu norms.
  4. Email a floor plan and picture of your house (preferably in pdf) with accurate directions using the compass mentioning the postal communication address.

After thorough checking we will email you the valuable vastu advice with structural changes & non-structural remedial measures (without demolition) based on authentic pyramids & crystals.

All the queries will be answered within 7-10 days from receipt of the advance payments.

Our Vastu Consultation

We Would Like To Thank You For Visiting Our Vastu Website & Showing An Interest In Us

We Sincerely Hope We Are Able To Provide You With Valuable Vastu Information You Seek